*red is my favorite colour

*red is my favorite colour

'Home, A sense of belonging' exhibition

My life is a speeding train animated poster is one of the few artworks selected from the AR exhibition "Welcome Home", so it will also be on display in Amsterdam at "Home, A sense of belonging", an exhibition dedicated to the intersections of animation and illustration !

After which, the interactive exhibition will travel throughout the country and find a place in libraries across the Netherlands. 

A huge thank you to Animated Women/WorldIllustratie Ambassade (Illustration Embassy) and Kaboom Animation Festival

Opening on the 11th of April, 3 - 5 pm 
RSVP here

April 12 to May 26, 2024
Westergas meter house, Pazzanistraat 6, Amsterdam
Thursday to Sunday, 12:00 noon – 5:30 pm
Admission free

WELCOME HOME Animated Poster Exhibition

My AR poster "My life is a speeding train" is part of WELCOME HOME Animated Poster Exhibition !

“Welcome Home” is an exhibition of animated posters which use augmented reality technology. The exhibition is curated by Animated W/World, in collaboration with Kaboom Animation Festival and Illustration Embassy.

Monday 1 April – Friday 26 April

Tuesday 12 April – Thursday 14 April

Working on "Mes maisons volantes" (My flying houses) at Tchack !

I'm working on my short film project Mes maisons volantes (My flying houses) for a couple of weeks at Tchack studio in Lille !  

I have a wonderful workstation 

but I'm so old fashioned that I need to start with a pencil and a rubber :) 

So, I cant't stop thanking my storyboarder Valentin Colcomb 

and the super compositor Rémi Soyez to breath reality into my visions, 

while I do some workflow tests with Emma. She is my heroine. 

Silenziosa-Mente at 20 Year Exploration

20 Year Exploration

Sat Nov 26, 6:00pm (Como Cinema 3, Melbourne)

For much of its history, the Italian animation scene has been one that has been significantly defined by a group of independent artists who have combined their personal styles with the unique properties of animation to develop beautifully hewed, highly imaginative films that explore themes as esoteric as the most cryptic nature of our inner lives to those as vivid as the residue of war.

In common, and dare we say it, perhaps not unsurprisingly, the common threads that tend to run through these otherwise diverse range of practices is a passion of beautiful design and an obsession with the craft of image making.

This program is an exemplar showcase of some of the finest works by a roster of established and rising 21st century Italian master animators. Drawn from the last 20 years, these are some of the most beloved, admired and awarded Italian animated short films that have wowed audiences the world over.

"Les Carnets de Bienvenue" workshop

On the occasion of the celebration of Book Week 2022 at the Parisian neighborhood Goutte d'Or, within the framework of the activities organized by the association AGO, I led a workshop which I called "Les Carnets de Bienvenue" (Notebooks to say Welcome). 

The subject of my workshop was the travel diary and it was inspired by the theme of this edition: Bienvenu, Bienvenue (Welcome).