*red is my favorite colour

*red is my favorite colour


what I have to say 
you've been a really great year for me 

I have to tell you that
I will be strong and I will hold on! 

...and here a brand new interview (sorry italian only) that us/them/yours made about me! Thank you Andrea Ceccarelli!



Patchbox Project

PATCHBOX is a dynamic exhibition project conceived by the creative studio elsewhere factory on purpose for CARGO in Rome (Italy).

The project involved more than 50 selected artists from all over the world through the exhibition of limited edition copies of original artworks, sent - in digital format - by invited artists, and then printed, numerated and signed by the curators.

The public of CARGO had the possibility to buy the artworks at the symbolic price of 10 Euros each. By buying the artworks and taking them immediately away, the public collaborated in the constant change of the exhibition, leaving an empty space for 48 hours after which a new artwork was on show. 

I enjoyed the project with a couple of my "Silenziosa-Mente" illustrations.

Here you can find the digital version of the catalogue with all the artists involved: