*red is my favorite colour

*red is my favorite colour

Tibetan Art...wonderful

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Human Rights Day

Here I am, just came back from NY! It was incredible and unexpected to be there again. For the Human Rights Day (10th December) 14 people from Italy and U.K. moved to the Tibet House to celebrate the book launch of "This is not a plate" translated in tibetan language.
Many people and friends came to the event and one of our prestigious guest was Mr Lobsang Nyandak (HH Dalai Lama's Representative in the USA), plus Mr. Claudio Cardelli (President of Association Italia-Tibet) with Francesco and Riccardo Cardelli played an incredible acoustic concert...we had a great moment.

Tad Mullins reads "My language is my Nation"

Lobsang Nyandak (HH Dalai Lama's Representative in the USA) reads the poem
“My Language is my Nation” with some children in tibetan language

Mr. Claudio Cardelli (President of Association Italia-Tibet)
with Riccardo and Francesco Cardelli play songs for peace in China and Tibet 

Riccardo and Francesco Cardelli music performance

Distinguished guests at the book launch

keep going

Dear friends,
exactly one month ago I posted my last animation "this is not a plate", well I had a look at my statistics and many people around the world came to visit my blog and my website so...thanks to all!!!!
It's a huge sign for me because I made it for you all…and I feel gratified because the work done has been worth the effort. It's still a long path and we are working for it...

Just one week ago I knew who tibetan students can't speak, study and find tibetan books anymore in all the schools of the tibetan areas.
I would like to share with all of you these articles:

East turkistan support language protests in Tibet
China genocides Tibet's language: Violating UN Law
Dilaga la protesta degli studenti tibetani

Venti Sociali

A couple of months ago my dear friend (and really good graphic designer) Taddeo wrote a beautiful article about an experimental project called "Venti Sociali" I made in collaboration with our mutual friend Lorenzo Anzini. The idea of Lorenzo was to create some kinetic posters from his social graphics...and we made them!

It's a great joy for me to share the "Pure graphic design" article by Taddeo Zacchini.

Many thanks to Teddy!

"This is Not a Plate" 4.0

Ladies and gentelmen,
I feel very honoured to present you my new animation: "This is not a plate"!

It's been a long journey...and I want to remember the esteemed support of those who have helped me and encouraged me along.
Thanks to all the people I met in Central Park, without them I couldn't make this film.
Thank you to Riccardo Cardelli cause he is always near me among all my mad adventures, Taddeo Zacchini and Pietro Lanzi for their friendship and help.
I acknowledge my gratitude to Sacha gMullins (Moving Universe Productions) for getting me involved in this beautiful and important project and for all the right suggestions she gives me.
Last but not least, I want to thank you Marco and all the staff of "Galli Service" for their kindness and print service, it was a great moment to watch the graphics come true!

With this short film I really hope to give an important message of humanity to as many people as possible.
Our heritage, our culture, our language are OUR IDENTITY and there is no reason to let it disappear.

"This is Not a Plate" 3.0

It's a long time I don't update something about "This is not a plate" animation...and voilĂ ! Here there are some frames! I have worked hard lately, it was really difficult to find the right solutions for the concepts of the project, but now I can say that I succeed them. 
I spent the last week to cut all the frames and make the collage...I finished the final preview yesterday morning at 7 a.m.!! Just on time for the exhibition...in fact yesterday I introduced for the first time the animation at MIC in Faenza (International Museum of Ceramics) and I'm glad because the public was enthusiastic! The wonderful music by Riccardo Cardelli gives to the animation the right touch and together we're making a great work! 

It's not all finished yet, I have to shot the final animation...so stay tuned!! 


"This is Not a Plate" 1.0

"This is Not a Plate" is clearly not just about a Plate, it's a work that wants to stir deep memory of what humanity should strive for right now if we want to live in peace on our beautiful planet Earth.
"This is Not a Plate" is an universal no profit education project for universal responsibility and human rights through heritage, language and culture of all people.

I'm preparing a stop-motion animation of 45 sec...it's a big challenge!

A solo show at Percorsi / Arte Contemporanea art gallery

"4 minuti nella mia testa" and "Web(self)portrait" at Percorsi / Arte Contemporanea art gallery (via Alessandro Serpieri 17, Rimini).
From 19th to 26th of May
morning 11/12:30
evening 21/22:30