Lesson 1

I recently lived one of the strongest experience of my life. I made a video for an Insititute of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and I met wonderful and special people who taught me the importance of being heard and the complexity of feelings. I lived with them incredible moments and funny situations...and I understood that "Madness is a cry for love".

Vj Nights

GOLDIE (photo by Margherita Cenni)

GOLDIE (photo by Margherita Cenni)



TOTAL SCIENCE (photo by Erika Lowin)

Felt-tips' week

These are a couple of drawings I made during the "Settimana del pennarello" (Felt-tips' week) at Wadada club. The first one is called "Fish fall in love", the second one is called "Emperor" and it's a collaborative drawing by Me&Riccardelli.

Drawing available on ARTFLAKES