*red is my favorite colour

*red is my favorite colour

An old pict...

I was looking some of my old picts and I found that one...

I took these shots during the videoart exhibition Giunglavideo.2 - Central Park in the garden of Villa di Toppo Florio in Buttrio. It was a nice night with a dear friend of mine. Televisions, projectors and screens hid between the trees anywhere in the park...it was very beautiful.
They showed my animation "The Choice".

Drawings available on ARTFLAKES
(Women, Waiting, I want to reach you, Flying Donkey)


Today is Christmas and I came back home as always. But this year something weird happened. There was warm weather! I mean, I'm in Italy and usually we have the snow and it's really cold especially during the Xmas time...but today was 20 C°!!
Well, I thought about the film I saw some days ago, it's called HOME and it's free.

Here the link:

The shots and the bird's-eye views are amazing and the climatic problem is tangible...think about it.