*red is my favorite colour

*red is my favorite colour


XRIVISTA 4 is out! 

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Issue 4

co-created with:
Laura Lafon&Esteban Gonzalez
NE/PA (Paola Ristoldo&Dafne Pagura)
Lemonot (Sabrina Morreale&Lorenzo Perri)
Anne Marie Sampaio
with special illustrations by Alessia Travaglini
20 x 26 cm
88 pages
5 artists

X=DANISINNI was created with the support of Teatro Massimo Palermo and Officine Grafiche. A special thanks to Insieme per Danisinni and to all the people we met in the neighborhood.

Reportage drawing of "L'elisir di Danisinni" opera

XDANISINNI is an editorial and artistic collective workshop conceived by Xrivista for the Danisinni neighborhood, in collaboration with Insieme per Danisinni and Rambla Papireto. Five young artists immerse themselves in local’s stories from the past and present, the impetus for five artistic projects. 

Anne Marie Sampaio
Laura Lafon & Esteban Gonzalez
Alessia Travaglini

XDANISSINI is part of the #M12Collateral programme

"What is the Elixir of Danisinni? It's a collective work that aims to create an immersive theatre play set in a poetic and surreal urban landscape, which has no equal in the world: the Danisinni district of Palermo."

a reportage drawing of "L'elisir di Danisinni" opera

An elixir of love and its mysterious poison, a reportage to write and draw. The magical garden of Danisinni and his chorus meet the theatrical work produced by Teatro Massimo, and the vision of my gaze tells it through sketches and illustrations.


XDANISINNI is the collective editorial/artistic lab conceived by XRIVISTA magazine for the Danisinni district of Palermo.

Five young artists are invited to immerse themselves in the past and present stories of this neighbourhood, from which will emerge five unique artistic projects.

Anne Marie Sampaio
Gaia Bernasconi member of Isoì
Laura Lafon & Esteban Gonzalez
Lemonot - More Sabs & Lorenzo Perri
NE/PA - Paola Ristoldo & Dafne Pagura
Alessia Travaglini (Thechoiceisred Productions)

The project is part of Manifesta Biennial collateral events.

XDANISINNI — Residenza d'arte di quartiere
02 > 16.09.18


SAMOUNI ROAD won L’Œil d’or Documentary Award

SAMOUNI ROAD by Stefano Savona won L’Œil d’or Documentary Award as best documentary of the whole Festival de Cannes!

The jury praised Samouni Road and Savona “for the intelligence of his approach, the right distance of its point of view, the delicacy of his glance, the brilliant and subtle use of animation and the strength of his narrative structure, all of which contribute to plunged [us] into exceptional proximity with beings caught in the unbearable reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Samouni Road world premiere in Cannes

I feel blessed and honored for being part of this film. 

4 years and half of work and life, 
many things can happen during such a long period of time.

Then, like a dream, 
we have been selected at "50th Quinzaine des Réalisateurs" in Cannes
the french film crew met the italian film crew
whereof 28 animators, almost all of them where present.

It's been one of the strongest experiences of my life. 

Thank you Stefano and Simone, thank you to all the crew!

We hope to give a new voice to all the Samouni family.

french film crew arrived in Cannes

Press screening - Stefano Savona on the stage for Q&A

Penelope Bortoluzzi, Wissam Alhaj, Stefano La Rosa, Cécile Lestrade

Jean Mallet

Simone Massi


Stefano Savona, Simone Massi
and one part of the italian film crew

world premiere of Samouni Road

Stefano Savona, Léa Mysius, Penelope Bortoluzzi, Wissam Alhaj,
Giulia Tagliavia, Simone Massi, Luc Forveille, Jean Mallet

Stefano La Rosa and Luc Forveille

Stefano Savona is breathing now!

Stefano La Rosa and I, the brain of the animation lay-out