*red is my favorite colour

*red is my favorite colour

TRAUMKINO cineselezioni: ANIMAZIONI italiane contemporanee

The experiences related to authorial productions of animated short films in italian film scene are often independent and for several reasons they had a proliferation without models or points of reference. Although there are film festivals and film exhibitions aimed at enhancing a growing high quality phenomenon, only historically specialized schools in animated films, primarily the ISA of Urbino and more recently the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Turin, seek to patronize and promote young artists on the rise.
The anthology of ANIMAZIONI and the following ANIMAZIONI 2, curated by Paola Bristot and Andrea Martignoni and produced in collaboration with OTTOmani association by Roberto Paganelli, are born precisely with the purpose of spreading the culture of contemporary italian animation cinema through the works of established and emerging animators and creating a network between the various authors, identifying for the first time in Italy a comprehensive map of the very high quality that italian independent animation has to offer.

Leading us on this "animated journey" and testifying it with 3 new previews of the next ANIMAZIONI 3 volume, will be the animator Alessia Travaglini and our highly anticipated guest Roberto Paganelli.

Screening starts at 9:45 pm at Opificio Beccadelli, via Beccadelli 17 (Rimini). 

Roberto Paganelli (OTTOmani association) & Alessia Travaglini