"This is Not a Plate" 3.0

It's a long time I don't update something about "This is not a plate" animation...and voilĂ ! Here there are some frames! I have worked hard lately, it was really difficult to find the right solutions for the concepts of the project, but now I can say that I succeed them. 
I spent the last week to cut all the frames and make the collage...I finished the final preview yesterday morning at 7 a.m.!! Just on time for the exhibition...in fact yesterday I introduced for the first time the animation at MIC in Faenza (International Museum of Ceramics) and I'm glad because the public was enthusiastic! The wonderful music by Riccardo Cardelli gives to the animation the right touch and together we're making a great work! 

It's not all finished yet, I have to shot the final animation...so stay tuned!!