*red is my favorite colour

*red is my favorite colour

"Schizzi Pazzi" Exhibiton

"Schizzi Pazzi" (Crazy Sketches) exhibition at Puro&Bio in Rimini!
Some original drawings from my animation "Silenziosa-Mente" and some brand new crazy stuff!

Here a nice interview with Riccardo Giannini for Altarimini (sorry italian only): 

...and here what happened during the "vernissage"!


Memories of a little boy

These are some drawings from my last animation I made (really super-fast) for the shortfilm "Capitolo 18" (Chapter 18) that I also co-directed with Elena Malaguti and Andrea Zucchini. 
The theme of the shortfilm is about "foster care" while the animation part focuses the young protagonist's family memories.