*red is my favorite colour

*red is my favorite colour

Nos Maisons Volantes - Our Flying Houses, a collective hypnotic loop of imagined houses


An hypnotic loop of imagined houses. 

I gave to 6 classes a paper with the drawing of 3 empty squares in line, and another one with the drawing of 3 empty triangles in line. Students were free to color it or to paint it or to draw on it, they did what they like. 

There was just one rule : coloration had to be the same for all of the three squares and the same for all the three triangles, because in animation, with 3 frames and a ‘static shape’, we can create a LOOP. 

Concept and Direction : Alessia Travaglini

With the participation of (in order of apparence) : Ehrétia, École La rose des vents, École Jean Monnet, École René Guy Cadou, École Charles Perrault, École Daniel Cury. 

Nos Maisons Volantes - un film partagé, is part of the research for my short film project Mes Maisons Volantes #mesmaisonsvolantes (#myflyinghouses).

Mes Maisons Volantes - stop motion workshops

What do you imagine if I say “HOME" ? 

Or if you had to describe your house through an object ? 

What’s your dream house ? 

I want to share some children and adultes responses did during my stop motion animation workshops, which are part of my research for my short film project Mes Maisons Volantes #mesmaisonsvolantes (#myflyinghouses).

Behind the scenes of the International Writing Residency Program of NEF Animation

Some images and special moments I lived last month during the International Writing Residency Program of NEF Animation, which is hosted and coproduced by the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud

I have no words to express how grateful I am. I feel that sometimes pictures are better than words. 

10ème rencontre professionnelle sur l’écriture du film d’animation (10th professional meeting on writing animated films) 

Opening: Meeting with the artists in residence

The astonishing Royal Abbey of Fontevraud

My flipbook Mes maisons volantes à Fontevraud (My flying houses in Fontevraud)

Here is the link to watch the animation https://www.instagram.com/tv/CViipCHAipV/

Our magic workshop

2021 ©ALN

2021 ©ALN

This is the story wall of my short film project Mes maisons volantes (My flying houses) I created during the one-month residency. 

It's time to leave...but I accomplished one of the most important steps in making a film: write the plot ! 

"Mes maisons volantes" at the International Writing Residency of Nef Animation

I'm in with MES MAISONS VOLANTES (My flying houses) short film project for The International Residency for Animated Films of NEF Animation which is hosted and coproduced by the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud. 

A dream comes true ! 

A glance at the exhibition "Mes Maisons Volantes (My Flying Houses)"

I'm very happy to share some moments of the exhibition Mes Maisons Volantesthat took place from June 9 to 12 at the Maison de l'Ange in Châteaubriant.

With great joy I was finally able to unveil the work done during the residency and the pandemic lockdown : the stop motion animations and the flying houses made during the workshops, the animation tests for the short film, the drawings and of course, all the responses I received from my survey: "What's a flying house?" lunched in Avril 2020. Thanks again to all those who took part in it !

On this occasion, the work of another artist, Solweig Von Kleist, also invited to the animation film residency on the territory of Châteaubriant-Derval, was exhibited. Together we did a very good job creating a charming exhibition and offering a welcoming atmosphere. 

Maison de l'Ange (Châteaubriant)