*red is my favorite colour

*red is my favorite colour

PERSONAE. @ Neue Heimat

Exhibition project by Nomercyfor-k in cooperation with Neue Heimat.
Curators: Laura Casarsa, Lisa Marie Jikeli & Kevin Junk

12 – 13 – 14 November
Revaler Str. 99, Berlin  

With illustrations by
Matteo Morelli, Stefano Perrone, Bachis, Xani Kennedy and Alessia Travaglini  

The artists, coming from different countries and different styles, share one key feature in their works: the face is a non-place, merely a mask. They created deconstructed areas instead of faces, reconstructed again in different media. Approaches, materials and critical thinking are common ground of all shown artistic positions. Gathered you will find a selection of artists that deeply reflect current discursive amplitudes in contemporary illustration.

12.11. //  Live-Set by Doubting Thomas on the opening night. Visuals by Aiko Okamoto.
13.11. // Lecture by Kevin Junk. Prose and essay.

Dreamfloor presents SUMMER DREAM NIGHT #2


...thinking about clouds, new installation is coming up!


"Between Mouse and Pencil. Italian animation at 50th Festival of New Cinema in Pesaro" on SKY ARTE

Il mondo dell'animazione italiana d'autore è protagonista dello Speciale "Tra mouse e matita" in onda da stasera 29 Luglio alle 20.30 su Sky Arte HD
Dal 50° Festival del Nuovo Cinema di Pesaro, focus su Simone Massi, Leonardo Carrano, Cristina Seresini, Mario Addis, Igor Imhoff, Madga Guidi, Basmati, Alessandro Rak, Alessia Travaglini, Claudia Muratori e molti altri.
The world of Italian authorial animation is the protagonist of the Special "Between Mouse and Pencil" aired tonight July 29 at 8.30 pm on Sky Arte HD.  
From the 50th Festival of New Cinema in Pesaro focus on Simone Massi, Leonardo Carrano, Cristina Seresini, Mario Addis, Igor Imhoff, Magda Guidi, Basmati, Alessandro Rak, Alessia Travaglini, Claudia Muratori and many others.

NoPanic Hostel - La Notte Rossa

al telefono
Chico: "Ciao! Avresti voglia di fare un disegnino?" 
Alessia: "Certo!"  
Chico: "...mmmm...magari con il tuo moroso, insieme in una stanza..." 
Alessia: "Siiiiii!!!"
on the phone 
Chico: "Ciao! Would you want to make a little drawing?"
Alessia: "Sure!"
Chico: "mmmm...maybe with your sweetheart, in a room together..."
Alessia: "Yesssss!!"

Villa Manzi - Rivabella di Rimini

Riccardo Cardelli & me! photo © Davide Farabegoli

photo © Davide Farabegoli

Riccardo Cardelli

ed è successo...dopo tanto tempo abbiamo dipinto isieme
and it happend...after a long time we painted together again
"Ogni uomo è un'isola" (Every man is an island) by Alessia Travaglini & Riccardo Cardelli


  our neighbours Marco Neri & Elena Tenti, photo © Chico De Luigi

"collective wall painting" by Marco Neri

Eron at work, "No Panic please" by Davide Pagliardini

Miss Magpie dj set

photo by Marco Montanari