*red is my favorite colour

*red is my favorite colour

Venti Sociali

A couple of months ago my dear friend (and really good graphic designer) Taddeo wrote a beautiful article about an experimental project called "Venti Sociali" I made in collaboration with our mutual friend Lorenzo Anzini. The idea of Lorenzo was to create some kinetic posters from his social graphics...and we made them!

It's a great joy for me to share the "Pure graphic design" article by Taddeo Zacchini.

Many thanks to Teddy!

"This is Not a Plate" 4.0

Ladies and gentelmen,
I feel very honoured to present you my new animation: "This is not a plate"!

It's been a long journey...and I want to remember the esteemed support of those who have helped me and encouraged me along.
Thanks to all the people I met in Central Park, without them I couldn't make this film.
Thank you to Riccardo Cardelli cause he is always near me among all my mad adventures, Taddeo Zacchini and Pietro Lanzi for their friendship and help.
I acknowledge my gratitude to Sacha gMullins (Moving Universe Productions) for getting me involved in this beautiful and important project and for all the right suggestions she gives me.
Last but not least, I want to thank you Marco and all the staff of "Galli Service" for their kindness and print service, it was a great moment to watch the graphics come true!

With this short film I really hope to give an important message of humanity to as many people as possible.
Our heritage, our culture, our language are OUR IDENTITY and there is no reason to let it disappear.