*red is my favorite colour

*red is my favorite colour

Nos Maisons Volantes - Our Flying Houses, a collective hypnotic loop of imagined houses


An hypnotic loop of imagined houses. 

I gave to 6 classes a paper with the drawing of 3 empty squares in line, and another one with the drawing of 3 empty triangles in line. Students were free to color it or to paint it or to draw on it, they did what they like. 

There was just one rule : coloration had to be the same for all of the three squares and the same for all the three triangles, because in animation, with 3 frames and a ‘static shape’, we can create a LOOP. 

Concept and Direction : Alessia Travaglini

With the participation of (in order of apparence) : Ehrétia, École La rose des vents, École Jean Monnet, École René Guy Cadou, École Charles Perrault, École Daniel Cury. 

Nos Maisons Volantes - un film partagé, is part of the research for my short film project Mes Maisons Volantes #mesmaisonsvolantes (#myflyinghouses).