*red is my favorite colour

*red is my favorite colour

The swan and the little lady

"I've been looking for you"
(acrylic, 70x50 cm)

"Trust me"
(acrylic, 70x50 cm)

These paintings were made at Art Colony Pogradec

Pogradec Art Colony

For the first time in my life, I went to Albania to take part in the Pogradec Art Colony. Pogradec is a town located in southeastern Albania, it's on the shores of Ohrid lake just in front of the Republic of Macedonia and next to the border.

Like old-time painters, we painted in front of the lake and we were inspired by it...

Swan is the symbol of Pogradec and of course...I couldn't resist myself from choosing it as well as the subject of my paintings!

We came back to work. Here below a quick look at the atelier.

The last day before the exhibition, some of us went to visit Lin, a nearby little village.


It's hard to tell all the impressions and feelings I had during that week, I received such a great warmth and kindness from all the invited artists and I saw lots of things I didn't expect to find. 

Here the last shots during my way back home, goodbye Albania, be strong and be free.